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shigekamenashi [userpic]

as i have said before ^^
mums going to defenitely kill me when i tell her about my failure at physics...
yesh i failed in a big time way
so now i have to re-take a test for me to pass the class and keep on with my life
but guess what?? 
mum will never ever let me live with one of those over my shoulders so she is going to take away EVERYTHING she can for me to feel more shitty than i feel right now
projects?? i have to drop them... unless people is interested in doing them from here to 2 or 3 months of my comeback
im really going to miss everybody around here and i might even go crazy for not have my usual amount of fandom and fanfics and stuff.. but i cant do a thing about it so ill just have to live with it till my lap is back with me
i havent told her yet, im still thinking if im going to be like in a slow really painfull death or in a fast motion one oh! please make it fast motion DDDDD:
anyway... *sigh* everybody take careeee i really dont see a way to get away with it... so ill have to say good bye for now ill see you in a few months or till something really akward happens and mum gives me back my right arm (AKA my lap)
mknsen08 im sorryyyyyy i wont be able to look at the winner or stuff... im really sorry ;---;
and all my super awesome and darling loving fansubs members with the ones i been working for few time... i feel like shit to leave you ;O; like BIG TIME SHIT 
argh stupid grades, why do they even exist??
did i mentioned im scared to death from what mum is going to do to me?

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shigekamenashi [userpic]

well yeah
random AGAIN 

shigekamenashi [userpic]

 Im tired...
i dont have anything to do 
i should post about my trip to disneyland...
flung physics (or however in the world that forsaken class is named)
useless entry
next one, disneyland update 
might be working on sugata sanshirou..
16 more minutes for gourmet

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shigekamenashi [userpic]

got depressed xD jajajaja
i just feel like ive got no body to save me "from the darkness" 
why is it? 
pointless entry i know

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shigekamenashi [userpic]

yeah im leaving... 

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shigekamenashi [userpic]

YAY thanks to Riha ( silver_rose88) for posting that link to a amazing tutorial about how to change your layout *_*
i loved it xD and i used it with a image i made...
wich one??
NISHIKATO of coourseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
oh yes!!!
now here XD i made so few icons i thought maybe i should share =) 

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shigekamenashi [userpic]

 ok ok ... i knooooooooow i just posted about 3 hrs ago >>;;;
but im in a need xD
news and tvxq .-. omfg+ UTABAN SCREEN CAPS Collapse )

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shigekamenashi [userpic]

ahhhhhhhhh !!! its oficially 2nd of nov. soooo here is xD her post for being a good friend and hard worker and She is OLDCOOL strike that out XD or she will kick my ass later  

anywayyyyyy girl im so happy for you and more and

yes ok.. xDD im happy for her <33
*-* should have a present or something... hum ok xD
ill be doing so or trying to do something for her
yup ^^
happy b-day once more

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shigekamenashi [userpic]

Ah! tagged twice by both 

sylviaunited and silver_rose88

so here is it ^^
Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop. It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a view of their desktops as well.

and O3O i should tag people XDD so here:











mar_shita Talking about something else xD today we gaved candies... as allways, every year we give candies here in the drugstore my family owns and it was damn O_OU creepy xD so many kids! i swear!!!!! i was scared xD i thought the kids would jump over me or something... seriously it was like "Run for your life!!!" kind of thing xD anything else than that... .-. not much xD

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shigekamenashi [userpic]

And im being totally random today so im enjoying it big time =D

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