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March 2010
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shigekamenashi [userpic]
Dude, have you cheked this out?

...konkon_sales  <---- omfg im so in love with that page

PROS: awesome service, i want all those amazing pics + things they can get youuuu~

CONS: D: im poor and i cant buy everything from there JAJAJAJA XD i should rob a bank, who's with me?!

LOL omg funny thing that "Detect" button for your location! i have never tried it before but its funny xDD

Current Location: Mexico, Tijuana
Current Mood: sleepy
Current Music: my fan's noise ._.

Hello, I have Shige's Konnan Yatte Mimashita pamphlet. It's really huge so it might be a bit expensive to ship it. I also have a flier from the show. Would you be interested? Everything is in perfect condition. I keep my goods in top shape.

Sorry for posting this on your journal. Your privacy settings wouldnt let me message you.

Hey! im pretty interested.
Is there a posibility of you to take a picture of it?
I already have half of what i want:
http://www.mbok.jp/item/item_167011884.html <--- in that place they show a picture, i have the first phamplet and i want the second one.
And the flier sounds good.
and no worries in posting here i dont mind n__n

You already ordered that? That is the pamphlet. The reason why there is two covers is because it's double sided. :) Looks like you've completed what you've wanted!

what? i ordered 1 thing...
um now im confused @___@ i ordered one that had the picture of shige holding a katana like thing, the first picture and the other has shige taking pictures.
is it the same thing?

yeah, it's the same pamphlet. there's just two sides to it. double covered. haha, I have the pamphlet.. so yeah.