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March 2010
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shigekamenashi [userpic]

xDDD im back!!!
w00t!!!! xDDDD
i just did my last test today and im pretty sure i made it great with it *-* xD im not sure about the other one but who cares?
anyway xD im freaking hiper *_* and super happy *0* and xDDD ill die of happines <333 because im bacccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
tadaima minna sama~ i hope you missed me <3 
in other newssss 
Im looking for Japanese to english (or spanish) translators... anyone interested?? as well as xD timers please??

A friend of mine and i started a new fansub *-* 
yeah it will be for spanish people xDD (im sorry D:) since that is my main language and >3> there are so few good fansubs in spanish around (not that i know one for sure xD meaning they suck like hell most of the time, thats why i defenitely dont watch ANYTHING translated to spanish thank god i know english) that i felt in the need to help out people who cant read/speak/understand japanese/english and are in our fandom to enjoy the joy *-* (lol)

Anything else... we have already 3 PV's done wiiiii xDDDD (rofl so few ;O;)
and im working around other things...
mah mah *-* i can go back to doing my regular stuff YAY!!! 
aaah~ i missed this xDDD being bussy xDDD with timing/traslating/qc/encoding what ever xDDD
ermmm oh yeah~! here our link http://z15.invisionfree.com so you can go and watch it =DD 
>D see yaaaa 

btw... i fucking messed up my LJ >_>;; NOW I HAVE NO PRETTY HEADER ;O; working to fix it...
does anyone know how on hell i do a pretty skin with my header(another one) for a comm?? >_> stupid LJ is giving me problems

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Current Music: LOVE or LIKE - KAT-TUN

*dances like tacchon then* YESHH IM BACK XDD and thats making me super hiper *-*

yo mañana presento info -o- asko

Waiiiiiiiiiiiii, you're finished ^_^
Okaeri :)
Hehehehehe I hope you have the best results *huggles*

Welcome back!! :D


My first post here!^^
First I hope you get a good mark!, and second I have been at newsforum and it's very good! congratulations!

gracias por decir eso n__n nos esforzamos bastante para que el foro pueda brindarles de todo =D <3