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March 2010
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shigekamenashi [userpic]
Meme >D because i dont make this enough

Rules =)

 1. Leave me a casual comment of no particular significance, like a lyric to your current favorite song, your favorite kind of sandwich, or maybe your favorite game. Any remark, meaningless or not.
2. I will respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. Include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in your own post.
5. When others respond with a desultory comment, you will ask them five questions

^^ this are my answers for cel-chan =) thanks for asking an being curious about me ^^

1. If Ryo-chan had to choose between NEWS and EITO and you were the one who would have to make that decision, where would you have him stay and why?

Even though i love NEWS with all my heart... i know Ryo-chan spends good time with his K8 band and it wouldnt be fear if i made him stay in NEWS... but but @_@ i really dont know >D if i could i would make him stay in both like now =D

2. What other fandoms are you in except JE?
Anime, TVXQ! 

3. How did you decide to get into fansubbing?
xD i saw AS! around there and the staff listing was still oppen and i decided to try it out =) and here i am >D

4. What bothers you the most about people?
If im treating them good and they treat me bad well ^^U i can get really pissed off >D 
That they can do critics withouth knowing and people being racist and stupid people with stupid statements that they think that they are right even if they are nottt and them criticizing over my babys and >D ok i can get pissed off easily but mostly all the time ill try to cool off or back off before i do something stupid and answer pissed ^^U

5. Can you tell me a song that you feel fits you best? And if I don't know it maybe post me a link for it?
one that fits me the best...
i dont think i have one? xD i dont recall one that i say "This one is my song!" but i have many i like =) like "Special Needs" of Placebo or many of Maroon 5 as well like placebo >D im really a fan of them and diferent bands in spanish =) ill link you to 2 of them for the moment ^^ i hope you like them and if you want to know the translation. 

Lucybel - Fe
Lucybel - Mataz

I like them =) and in Japanese >D well L'arc~en~ciel Ibara no Namida and JE well >D you know i have many

Current Location: home
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: lucybell - Mataz

Waiiiiii *wiggles* arigatou for answering ^_^

Hehehe see? Everyone knows deep down Ryotan belongs with Eito ne?

Uwaaaa anime? Watashi mo. Ufufu we need to exchange recommendations some day.

Un, people who are mean and unfair, I don't like them either. It's good though that you can keep calm around them.

Uwa these songs that you posted are nice. I need to poke you for the lyrics the next time we talk xoxoxo

hi!!! nice meme ^^

I hope to hear something from you soon. You haven't updated here for months...O.o but you may be busy, I understand. Ganbatte with your life!

Nice quote

One man's brain plus one other will produce one half as many ideas as one
man would have produced alone. These two plus two more will produce half
again as many ideas. These four plus four more begin to represent a
creative meeting, and the ratio changes to one quarter as many ...
-- Anthony Chevins