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March 2010
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shigekamenashi [userpic]
Randomish n.n

So, promised some pictures rait?


That's me!! no glasses (actually contact ones xD ja!) And it was awesome like i told ya :D! Btw the one in the middle in the 1st pic is me! i was being attacked while hugging a friend by the so called "group hug" more like kill alina thing! after that i was all @x@

Btw, i have been aroound my living room quite a lot and found around it some VHS im in love with!
Like anslkdnalnd Sakura Card Captors de movie! (i recorded it xD when i saw it on tv ojojo) and Small Soldiers, i love that movie its like so entertaining! xD and i saw Ferngully as well! (anyone know's it?) :


and yup im a fraggot over it u-u  :D!

what did you do today? <3

Current Mood: happyhappy